Wednesday, February 1, 2012

JssTripler Review

The Jss Tripler is a part of the JustBeenPaid Group of programs run By Frederick Mann. It's designed to enable you earn money online without the need to sponsor anyone. Sponsoring has always been a major challenge for most who join online programs that require you to build a downline before you can make any money.There are 5 programs in all but our main concern is with the Jss Tripler.

 It’s a Traffic-Exchange (surf) Program that earns 2% or more per day for 75 days before expiring i.e you can make 60% per month on each position that you buy. Just Been Paid (the main program that birthed the other 4) utilizes JSS-Tripler as a feeder for it’s popular  matrix program. It is the combination of earnings from these two programs that causes your income to Triple.

How Do You Earn?
An example will suffice:

1 position costs $10.00
$10 x 2%= $0.20 per day.
That position earns $.20 per day x 75 days= $15.00 ($5 profit)

Buy 5 positions at $50
$50 x 2%= $1 per day
$1 per day x 75 days= $75.00 ($25 profit)

Buy 100 positions costing $1000
$100 x 2%= $20.00 per day
$20.00 per day for 75 days= $1000.00 ($500 profit!)

10 positions earns 2.00 per day
50 positions earns 10.00 per day
100 positions earns 20.00 per day
500 positions earns 100.00 per day

Every 4 positions that expire gives you an entry to the 2x2 Forced  Matrix.Without a single downline you can circle out of the matrix with only 24 expired positions!
But for you to benefit from the matrix you need to upgrade in JustBeenPaid at a measely cost of only $15 for 3 months.
Howw To Work The Program

There are as many strategies as there are members on how best to maximise your earnings from the program. For me this is what has worked;
- Buy as many positions as you can afford preferably in multiples of 4( remember the free matrix positions)
-Upgrade to level 1 JustBeenPaid
-Shoot for a break even point as soon as possible by a combination of building up and withdrawal from your initial  positions purchased
-Then start building up your positions aggressively by buying up to 3 new positions for every 1 that expires.


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