Monday, February 6, 2012

Reincarnation Of GNI

GNI is back as NewGNI. If you recall they were around in 2008 and had a good run that lasted up till 2010. A combination of several factors did them in.
One being the collapse of Stricpay and the second major challenge was that their bank ran into difficulty and had it's assests frozen in Europe. Prior to these challenges they were running quite smoothly.

 Irrespective of their history a lot of investors have pitched their tents with them and are willing to give them a trial. The Admin is a person with a reputation in the industry and most investors are comfortable with him. The following are the plans they have:

1% daily(business days) forever.
Min:$20 - Max: $20,000  Principal back.

6% weekly forever.
Principal back. Min:$50 - Max: $50,000

With the daily plan the break even point is 140 calendar days while the weekly plan is 117 calendar days. The plans run indefinitely your funds will continue to earn you money for as long as you wish.
Minimum period of participation at 252 calendar days(180 weekdays) is the only restriction to early withdrawal.This is to give the program a bit of stability. Compounding is not available.Interest is earn only on business days (Monday - Friday)
Minimum withdrawal is $1
Payment Processors: Liberty Reserve,Perfect Money
Anti-DDoS Protected by Dragonaranet, Dedicated server, SSL.

Now it's up to you to decide, to be or not to be, for me am in.

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