Monday, February 27, 2012

The Week In Review

Last week was very challenging for the industry as a whole. Most promising HYIPS closed down. Some were outright scams set up by the admins to fleece the investing public. They couldn't even met the payout demands of their first set of depositors. Even the 2percenters that held so much promise of stability were affected Dailypaytripler is gone and so is pxsense ( the Admin sent out a mail today stating his reasons). If you want yo be a player in this field then you have to factor in situations like this and simply move on when it happens. In my next post i let you in what i do to minimise my losses and stay on top of the game. Stay blessed.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Reincarnation Of GNI

GNI is back as NewGNI. If you recall they were around in 2008 and had a good run that lasted up till 2010. A combination of several factors did them in.
One being the collapse of Stricpay and the second major challenge was that their bank ran into difficulty and had it's assests frozen in Europe. Prior to these challenges they were running quite smoothly.

 Irrespective of their history a lot of investors have pitched their tents with them and are willing to give them a trial. The Admin is a person with a reputation in the industry and most investors are comfortable with him. The following are the plans they have:

1% daily(business days) forever.
Min:$20 - Max: $20,000  Principal back.

6% weekly forever.
Principal back. Min:$50 - Max: $50,000

With the daily plan the break even point is 140 calendar days while the weekly plan is 117 calendar days. The plans run indefinitely your funds will continue to earn you money for as long as you wish.
Minimum period of participation at 252 calendar days(180 weekdays) is the only restriction to early withdrawal.This is to give the program a bit of stability. Compounding is not available.Interest is earn only on business days (Monday - Friday)
Minimum withdrawal is $1
Payment Processors: Liberty Reserve,Perfect Money
Anti-DDoS Protected by Dragonaranet, Dedicated server, SSL.

Now it's up to you to decide, to be or not to be, for me am in.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Let’s leave all the Pixel ads stuff aside for now and look at the meat of the program.It’s a 2% hyip like program with the following features: - You spend $10 to purchase an Ad Pack and get paid 2% daily for 75 days. Total return on expiry is 150% -They offer 2 levels of referral income. 10% for level 1 and 5% for level 2 -They also have a Paid to Promote program built in that pays $1 for every 1000 visitors you send to your affiliate link. Looks good enough for me so in i go.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Daily Pay Tripler

The DailyPayTripler was launched late last year and is modeled after the JssTripler. You earn a rebate of 2.5% daily on each position of $10. Each position expires in 60 days with total return of 150%( capital included) They also have a 2×2 matrix which is yet to take off. If you choose to sponsor you get paid a 10% referral bonus. You can request for withdrawal when you have $10 balance in your account. So far so good, the admin has been faithful with prompt payment of withdrawals request and regular updates with happenings concerning the program.The program is growing at a steady pace with no hiccups. A good addition to your portfolio.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

JssTripler Review

The Jss Tripler is a part of the JustBeenPaid Group of programs run By Frederick Mann. It's designed to enable you earn money online without the need to sponsor anyone. Sponsoring has always been a major challenge for most who join online programs that require you to build a downline before you can make any money.There are 5 programs in all but our main concern is with the Jss Tripler.

 It’s a Traffic-Exchange (surf) Program that earns 2% or more per day for 75 days before expiring i.e you can make 60% per month on each position that you buy. Just Been Paid (the main program that birthed the other 4) utilizes JSS-Tripler as a feeder for it’s popular  matrix program. It is the combination of earnings from these two programs that causes your income to Triple.

How Do You Earn?
An example will suffice:

1 position costs $10.00
$10 x 2%= $0.20 per day.
That position earns $.20 per day x 75 days= $15.00 ($5 profit)

Buy 5 positions at $50
$50 x 2%= $1 per day
$1 per day x 75 days= $75.00 ($25 profit)

Buy 100 positions costing $1000
$100 x 2%= $20.00 per day
$20.00 per day for 75 days= $1000.00 ($500 profit!)

10 positions earns 2.00 per day
50 positions earns 10.00 per day
100 positions earns 20.00 per day
500 positions earns 100.00 per day

Every 4 positions that expire gives you an entry to the 2x2 Forced  Matrix.Without a single downline you can circle out of the matrix with only 24 expired positions!
But for you to benefit from the matrix you need to upgrade in JustBeenPaid at a measely cost of only $15 for 3 months.
Howw To Work The Program

There are as many strategies as there are members on how best to maximise your earnings from the program. For me this is what has worked;
- Buy as many positions as you can afford preferably in multiples of 4( remember the free matrix positions)
-Upgrade to level 1 JustBeenPaid
-Shoot for a break even point as soon as possible by a combination of building up and withdrawal from your initial  positions purchased
-Then start building up your positions aggressively by buying up to 3 new positions for every 1 that expires.