Saturday, October 27, 2012

Friday's Review

Profitclicking issued an update on the restart(now known as profit shift) coming up in mid November. though it appears to have a bit sooner than expected i am taking it in good stride. I believe it's in overall interest of the program.
Put through a withdrawal request and i saw a 10 day waiting time indicated against my request. Not bad if they can keep to it.

Phinanci is cruising steadily along. I get paid regularly from them. Withdrawal request processed within 24 hours

Ismadsincome and Ricanadfunds also going strong and keeping to the terms. Am almost at the breakeven point for both.

Looking forward to the launch of IMSC next week. Hopefully another profitable addition to the portfolio.

Pipsfund continues to churn out the 2% daily rebate to my account. Am at breakeven point and decided to increase the compounding percentage. Though am not fun of compounding in programs i participate in i decided to try it out with pips since i cant lose where i am now with the program.

For ADITNetwork : still considering whether to wait for more development or upgrade.
My upline has chosen to wait but others i do follow are already active in the program.
Final decision will be taken by Monday.

Friday's Joke
Final Exam Failure

Last semester I took macroeconomics and didn't have a clue what I was doing (as cited on the final exam). There were 80 multiple choice questions. For some reason I decided to play the game of probability and choose the letter "A" for everything. In that game, the only thing probable was that I failed.

The following day, the professor asked to see me after class. "Is everything okay?" "Sure," I said, "why? "Well, here's your test," he said and handed me a piece of paper that was covered with red ink. "Can you explain why you chose an 'A' for everything?"

Knowing that there was nothing I could do at this point, I said, "Well, I've always wanted to be an 'A' student."

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