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ADITNetwork Review

This is a complete breakdown of what is all about.
Whether you can recruit or not you will earn with this program
The earnings is supposed to come from a legitimate business and not from a ponzi based model.

"Passive members can earn without fear of having to recruit
and sponsors can recruit without fear of their down line not
making any money".
The company is not in support of members making income claims as such i don't have any projections to offer. When you are through with this post you can draw your own conclusions.
Passive members (non recruiters) can earn in 5 different ways.

When a member purchases an ad package
( i.e they become an upgraded member) they are entitled
to approximately 1% daily rebate of the total ad pack purchase
as long as they fulfill the requirement of viewing 20 of the
companies ads per day.
This daily rebate continues until 70% of your ad pack purchase
is recovered.

Each ad pack purchase also provides you with what is called
Bonus Consumer Credits
( these credits are given to you as a bonus from purchasing
an ad package).
From now until December 31st, the company will be
extending their very generous promotion which allows
for these bonus consumer credits (BCC) to double in
quantity every month for 4 months.
A member can also purchase additional consumer credits (CC)
independent of their BCC and these CC also double
every month for 4 months providing 8 times the number
of credits than what you started with.

These BCC and CC can then be sold on the Adit network
Consumer Credits trading platform from anywhere between
5-10 cents each, providing yet another stream of income.
All of your CC multiply X8 in 4 months and then can be
sold for a hefty profit.

In an attempt at becoming more compliant to stand the
test of time, AditNetwork has recently restructured their
system which has created a three fold effect.
These new changes have ensured that they will be around
for many years to come ( as they have addressed any
possible compliance issues that could possibly be brought
against them ),
they have/will be creating a bid auction platform with the
purpose/intention of creating massive expose to the
Aditnetwork opportunity and by extension create huge
expose/ effective advertising for all of it’s customers who
advertise with the network AND it has opened up new
streams of income for their passive members.

After December 31st 2012, the bid auction site would be
fully implemented which would create massive exposure
for the program.
Members will be able to exchange Consumer credits for
Bid points and Ad points which will all be much sort after.
The complete details of how this will all work will be
available soon via a new Power Point presentation
which will be available soon.

One thing that you must understand right now though
is that there has never been a bigger opportunity
for the passive member to earn a long term income than
with what AditNetwork has just incorporated into their system.
Every day, everyone can view up to 100 sites on the
advertising platform and earn 100 ad points.
It has been said that from January 1st, these ad points
will be able to be sold at a rate of $0.20 each. This means
that viewing 100 sites a day ( 45 minutes of work) will
earn anyone $20 a day and this can be done every day
of the month ( do the math what sort of totally passive
income is possible just from this alone).
Also remember your daily rebate, your consumer credits
that keep doubling if bought before December 31st,
the ability to sell these consumer credits for profit, the
ability to convert the consumer credits to ad point
which can then be sold for profit, the ability to convert
consumer credits to bid point which can be used
in the bid platform that will come on stream.

All I have to say is that active members (people who
can promote and those who have lists and a following etc)
can make an absolute killing here.
Even those who might not be big recruiters but can
recruit a few of these big recruiters to join under them
will benefit significantly from the numerous bonuses
that are possible.

You people who want to take this seriously and build
a downline in AditNetwork......Look at what is in
store for you guys:

You earn 10% of the value of each ad package any/all
of your direct referrals purchase. This in itself
is huge but it doesn’t end there.

Depending on the level of ad pack you personally
purchase, up to 10 levels of Unilevel earnings are
made possible.
So you can earn a leadership bonus on Levels 2-10
of your downline ( 4%,4%,2%,2%,2%,2%,2%,1%, 1%)
depending on the value of your own ad pack
( which allows you to earn down to certain levels)
Do you know what sort of earnings are possible when
you consider you can earn on all of your
referrals referral...and their referrals...and their referrals...
down to a maximum of 10 levels.

As long as you refer at least 2 personally referred members
you will earn from this Binary Bonus.
One referral is placed on your A leg and one referral on
your B leg and as you continue to build and
they do the same, you earn 10% of the total CV value
on your lower leg.
Each time an ad pack is purchased, it creates a certain

number of CV ( Commission Volume) , as
members join your downline and your downlines downline
and they all purchase ad packs, this all
contributes and adds to your total CV in
each leg of your binary.
The leg with the lower CV value is the one that you earn
the 10% commission on.

This applies to all members who have an ad pack of
at least $2000 in value ( so this alone is incentive
enough to strive to attain this level).
Depending on the total CV attained in your overall
down line, qualified members can receive matching
bonuses on all the binary commissions of all of their

down line members down to a possible 8 levels
( 40%,20%,10%,5%,5%,5%,%,5%).
Again I will not any projections or draw any examples
but I am sure you can see what’s possible here.
This is absolutely huge and you are talking about
significant money here, hopefully you all see that.

2% of AditNetworks total monthly revenue is paid
out to the top 30 members who have the most
volume in their first 3 generations.
This is another huge bonus for those who put in the
time and effort to build their down line to an
extent that they achieve this goal.

There are many incentive bonuses on offer for
any/all members who achieve certain levels of
success in AditNetwork and based on the volume that
they create, the bonuses I have seen are at a
different level from most programs we have been
in as you are talking about car bonuses
ranging from 10-30k in value , among other
ncentive packages for those who attain these levels.

As you can see it's quite comprehensive. Take some time and go through it and see if it's for you
My best wishes

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