Monday, October 22, 2012

Amazing Money Magnet

Amazing Money Magnet is relatively new and is a clone of Wealth4AllTeam. They have similar guaranteed cycling earnings but here we have 9 days instead of 10 days that was case with wealth4AllTeam.

Take a look at the details:
"Our unique Pay plan is made up of 5 phases.
Each phase has 12 positions and each position cycles 12 times after which it expires.
After every cycle 50% from your earning remains in Reserve Balance to buy your next Position(s).
The cost of the positions and the payout of it vary in each and every phase.
As a paid Member you even get the choice to use all of the earnings you made to buy another position(s) or you may withdraw it from your available balance account.
In each and every Phase, you get paid 100% the first 6 cycles and the last 6 cycles your earnings will be 50% of what you made the first 6 cycles.

For Example: In phase 1 you earn $2.55 after every cycle for the first 6 cycles and the remaining 6 cycles you earn $1.28 for each cycle. After completing all 12 cycles your position(s) will expire.
After completing all 5 phases of our program as a paid member you are also allowed to repeat your success and you can again start from Phase 1."

Not much to add i believe it's self explanatory. I am going to play with this one and see how far it can go. A few made a tidy sum with Wealth4AllTeam while it lasted, but as usual only invest what you can afford to lose.

Quote of the day

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
Winston Churchill

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