Thursday, February 7, 2013

How They Stand..

-Dollar Blooms launch a new site- paying 10% daily. It’s in the high risk end of a business that carries a high risk of it’s own. For me I want no part of it. Count me out of anything paying over 3% daily. It’s simply not sustainable even in the short run. Yet to resolve my challenges with them concerning cashouts. They claim they can’t pay with the same LR account I use to deposit, something about it being invalid. I provided them another account this morning and also accounts from other processors. Hope they do something soon.

-X-Golding, the site refuse to come up. I have been having issues with log in throughout the day. It started today. Yesterday I was able to log in but made no cash out request
No issues with Sol-R. It’s well at their end.

-The twin sites of Ismadsincome and Ricanadfunds are still on top of their game. The same topnotch performance all through last week. These ones are fun to play with.
-Put in my first cashout request with GBC. Hope am in order I bought a position to back up my request as per their terms.
-AMM my cashout request since 28th Jan is still pending.

For SSP this is what the Admin sent to members
"This is a short annnouncement to all...

Apologies are in order...I asked for help running this site while my wife is in the hospital, and this past week, I was under the impression that this was the case...

Today I login for the first time...and I have to say that the tickets I read were appalling to say the least....

My Wife's health is in critical condition, and requires constant care for pretty much everything in daily living. And She is getting worse by the day once again. This past year, for 9 months She was hospitalized, so I quit Marketing and lost it all. And now it's at that point once again. With new tumors popping up, Lord only knows where things are headed... we are battling depression, and a few other major health concerns at this time.

I do not know everyone's situation, or if you have ever had to watch a loved one's health decline. I wish it on no one.

As it stands right now, this site is to be taken over by Kenneth, as I am pretty much done with Marketing once again, and will loose everything I built... once again gone down the drain. But...My Family and My Wife are far more important. So Kenneth will be taking the reigns and running this site, and most likely taking over my other sites too.

As for everyone's comments in those tickets, well let me say that I do not appreciate being called a M@#$@#$er, and every other choice word you could put to use....

If you got questions, then please consider sending them to Kenneth in a ticket that isn't abusive in nature.

And before you go thinking that we made a killing off of this site, consider that if you look at the stats on the front page, the amount that has been paid out to date is $7853 and change...the amount of payins is just over $8300(before Payza Fees) and do the math. And then take into consideration hosting costs to run this site, so we are in the red on this deal!

That pretty much wraps up my situation, and as stated earlier, Kenneth is taking over the reigns.

Former SMP Admin

You can draw your own conclusions.
Quote of the Day
There are two kinds of people, those who do the work and those who take the credit. Try to be in the first group; there is less competition there
-Indira Gandhi [1917-1984]

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