Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mid Week News

It seems the premuim thing with Profitclicking is working. A couple of people i know have ben paid. You have to add fresh funds to your account and use same to buy positions. That upgrades you to premuim status and enables you to get priority withdrawal. I will put it to test and give you the feedback as soon as i am paid.

"This is the latest situation with wealth4allTeam: this update is from the admin. Do go through it though it's lengthy;
Effective immediately, W4A Team Marketing Association will not be accepting any new members to the W4A Marketing Association. Due to low membership, W4A MA made a decision to temporarily stop new member subscriptions so that our liability to the members stabilizes and to protect the W4A Members deposits and earnings. While plans are being implemented, W4A MA has stopped all withdrawals until further notice to allow external investments to produce a return. Once the external sources of income are stabilized, W4A MA will deposit the original funds plus the total earnings into the members IPO W4A account as stated and described on our website. So for example, if you deposited $200.00, you will receive the maximum payout of $300.00.

Effective immediately, the W4A Team Marketing Association Website will be the source for all communication. We will update you via the website every week and appraise you with any updates available. During this transition, the live calls will be temporarily stopped. Again, please refer to the W4A Team Marketing Association site for updates.

Do not, do not send a support tickets or emails or phone calls to any of the Executive TEAM during this transition as they will not be monitored or responded to.

We will divert and focus all our efforts into further developing and increasing our external sources of income and securing funding for all our current members and developing a sizeable funds base so that when we re-open, we can do so with solid funding and producing external forms of income that will assure a long term program for all !

Thank you for your undestanding in this matter

See you soon!"

Ricanadfunds and Ismadincome still on course and going strong. is also doing well and i have been cashing out regularly.
Decided to stay action on Clickpaid until they sort out their dashboard issues.
May have more news tomorrow.

Quote of the Day

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.
Stephen Hawking

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