Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Watching Brief.....

My last week attempted cash out from Ismadsincome was returned back to my account. Made another attempt and waiting to see how far this one will go. I heard others have cash out in roughly 7 days. Am good with them, bought more positions.

Sol-R.org still going strong. I almost at the breakeven point with my second deposit and considering a 3rd since i am already in profit. It's a give and take thing, take a little out and put a little in that way you help prolong the life of the program

For Profitclicking: will do the premuim thing this week and see how it goes. All i have heard is good news with the premuim feature. Hope am not too late.

Clickpaid: waiting for them to sort out themselves before i jump in. Don't know how long that will take

That all for now.

Quote of the Day
I never think of the future it comes soon enough
Albert Einstien

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