Saturday, November 3, 2012

More On ADITNetwork

Generally i am always over cautious about programs that are collecting money from subscribers while in pre launch. Anything can happen along the way and some will just vanish with your cash while others may make a refund. A good case in point is Funky shark. I did sign up but was hesitant to upgrade and now it has gone belly up though they have promised to refund all those who upgraded.

ADITNetwork is not different as they are still in pre launch and anything can happen. The Chinese environment where we are told they had a roaring success is different from the USA and Canada where they are about to break in.
From what is available on site now the only "sure" thing is the 70% rebate on your ad purchase and any other income source is slated to take off in 2013.

I intend to keep a watching brief as the lawyers will say for now and see how things unfold.
Profitclicking: Queue a withdrawal request on the 11/01/2012. Let's see how long this one will take.

Ricanadsfund and Ismadsincome: all is well on that front, payment and withdrawal going like like clockwork.

NewGni Also paying promptly on a weekly basis as i am on the weekly plan.

Pipsfund: Marked their 2 month of successful operations online they have also been paying promptly.

Phinanci: No complain whatsoever from that angle. It couldn't be better.

Hope the next working week will more productive and rewarding.

Quote of the day

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.
Dalai Lama

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