Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The News From Phinanci

For those who are still interested and believe that Phinanci will resurrect this is the latest update.

"Restructure Update
Do not exclude the possibility of a slight delay.

Due to the technical nature of this event there might be a slight delay in the process of management of accounts and consecutively the enabling of the withdrawal button again. It might happen any time tomorrow the 26th of November server time - PST: Pacific Time.
Clarification on accounts in loss

After careful inspection of all member accounts and our resources, in respect to deciding what would be best for the continuation of the program, the management concluded that all accounts in loss will have their lost amount invested as a new deposit in the 1.5% daily payment plan.
The lost amount is calculated by subtracting the Total Deposited by the Total Paid.
Now, to clarify that means if your account is in a loss, the difference (Total Deposited - Total Withdrawn) will be invested in the 1.5% daily for 100 days payment plan.
We do realize this is probably not exactly the most exciting scenario for our members, but it is the best we can offer at this point after taking all damages into account.
Support tickets

We will reply to your support tickets in 72 hours starting from 26th of November. If you have a pending support ticket that will be replied with priority.
Depositing from cash balance will be active 7 days a week. It will happen on the day the withdrawing button is enabled.
New banners

You can find the new banners in the back office of your account under the section Promotional Material. The current banners are a re-make of the banners that followed our design style. We will also have the second version published tomorrow. You do not have to put the new banners yet, as we will make them switch automatically for you.

Thank you for the understanding, patience and support.

Team Phinanci"
I will be back with more news later in the day and a new program launch.

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