Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

This week has been very smooth and quite with no upset of any kind. Wish the year will continue this way.

Profitclicking is still topsy turvy. The figures on the dashboard is not what it should be. Hope it will be corrected when they are through with the profit shift.
I will take advantage of the 3% daily payments offer that has been extended to December 25th 2012.

Ismadsincome and Ricanadfunds still going strong and steady. Still following my style of alternating between buying positions and cashing out my earnings.

Amazing Money Magnet paid me promptly to my STP account and i also bought more positions.

Explosive Cash Magnet: made my first cycle and i got paid. I will buy more positions before cashing out.

ISMC. I keep buying more positions with my repurchase balance. From a little trickle it's building up quite nicely and the flow will soon start.

Phinanci: We are all waiting for the 25th. Lets see what it will bring. Don't want to raise any hopes.

NewGni that old faithful is still going strong. Make my weekly cashout yesterday. I am on the weekly 6% plan. wish they were all this one.

Enjoy Your Day.

Quote of the Day

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.
William James

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