Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Another Long Update

It's seems that is all we are getting these days. Things have been dull and i not motivated enough to post.
I did join NeoMutual but i wasn't keen in sharing my link.
Profitclicking blocked my account for no reason. The premuim system is no different from the basic so why bother?
I cant chase phantom buckets all day. I have better things to do with my time.
As usual this is the latest update from Rican:

"written by Richard Cannon , May 07, 2013
If I had known when we started Rican all that I now know – I still would have done it but I would have done it differently.
Since December the progression of the Rican Group has been neglected and all of our attention has gone into Rican PN. This was not our intention and has not been positive for the Group as a whole. We have encountered so many situations some of which really hurt us and threatened to finish us off commercially.
I have previously indicated much of that which we have had to put up with in order to still be here today and all that we still have to deal with as things are still far from perfect. All of this has had a negative effect on my health, my motivation and moral and I admit at times I have really felt like I just wanted it all to be over so that I could focus on things where we weren’t constantly attacked. We have made mistakes too in the form of bad ideas, bad decisions and our lack of experience – which have in some ways also been a great asset. We have learned a lot and now feel that we know just about enough to be able to run programs and companies like these.
At the risk of repeating myself – I will not give up on Rican Group and all that I, we want to achieve. I have the genuine intention of changing many people’s lives for the good for I truly believe that we exist to help and serve others and not to bring them down and break them. The Group has immense potential to do exactly that, to change people’s lives and to make this world just a little better for most of us. Many refuse to adhere to such thinking and that is their loss – and they may continue to be negative, threatening and rude, their attitudes will not affect our objectives or our desire to achieve them.
The final part of this update will be given after our meeting tomorrow with a great company which is in the business of making people’s lives easier, more rewarding and much more profitable. We are looking with them towards a new method of paying our members and clients without being subject to the limitations of payment processors and our technical ability to interact with them at a speed that is not only good for us but also much more efficient and satisfactory for you.
We will also be making ismMagic much more pivotal in its role within the Rican Group of companies by making it a central point of the income generating process and a gateway to all that we do so that you can earn from many income sources.
Our existing companies will be developed in order to provide you not only with ways of saving money but also many more ways of generating income. We will also be progressing with the promised developments and new companies and activities that were discussed way back in December but which, due to the many hindrances we have had, have not happened as quickly as planned.
This last four months has been a nightmare time for me and has caused Russell and his team to work unceasingly, without break or vacation to keep the ship afloat. For this I can only say ‘Thank you Russell, we would not be here today without you and your tireless efforts’.
As for you, you have been so patient, positive, supporting and generally amazing that I cannot thank you enough for putting up with all that we have had to put you through. I know many are discouraged and have lost confidence in us, for that I am very sorry and hope that as we show our progression over the next few days and weeks you will see that we always intended to pull through and make Rican all that we always knew it could be and should be.
I will add to this update tomorrow so as to give you a time scale for payments after we have discussed the options in our meeting.
Hmmm. I am keeping my fingers tightly crossed.

Quote of the Day
Nothing is impossible; the word itself says "I’m possible".

~ Audrey Hepburn

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