Monday, December 3, 2012

New Program Launch: SupersizeMyProfits

This is most likely my last program I will be joining for the year. This time is usually infested with a lot of bogus programs launched by scammers trying to raise cash for the yuletide season.
In the pure HYIP niche it’s really terrible at this period. I have decided to stay completely away from that area for now.
Supersizemyprofits has been on for close to a week now though the official launching is today. The overview of the program is as follows:

Adpacks is usd10 each you earn 3% for 60 days
-You earn a total of 180% per position on expiry
-Referral comm. Is 15% paid 3 levels deep (8% 4% 3%)
-Purchase of an Adpack worth usd50 or more earns you a solo ad
-Earn free ad credits if you choose to surf the banner ads and click on the solo ads that will be sent to your email.
A 60/40 repurchase structure in place for longevity.

If well managed i see this one going the distance.

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