Sunday, December 30, 2012


Yeah I remember alright, no more new programs for 2012. But can you help it when you sniff what appears to 'smell nice' all over and comes recommended from someone you trust and follow. My simple reason for joining X-Golding.
The program is straight forward, one simple plan with the following features:

-2% daily payment for 150 days
-Principal return on expiry
-Payment only on working days(Monday -Friday) excluding bank holidays
-Breakeven in 10 weeks (approx 50days)
-Payment procesors; Egopay,Solidtrustpay,Perfectmoney and Libertyreserve

That's it guys. If you are game then let nothing stop you. As usual only spend what you can afford to lose. Always treat it as a game and have fun.

Quote of the Day
language is wine upon the lips.
Virginia woolf

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