Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Sunday To You

A Glorious Sunday to you all. This is the beginning of a new week and i sincerely hope it will end well for us all. By ending well i mean no hiccups in all the programs we belong to.

Ricanadfunds and Ismadsincome are both doing great. Requested a withdrawal from both on Friday and i got paid within the hour.What could be better than the prompt response of an admin to cashout request from members.

Wealth4allteam is up and running and i have keyed in to it. So far all is well.

Cashraptor: Am close to my 1st cycle on this one and am watching.

Amazing Money and Explosive Cash are both doing well and i have cashing out and buying more positions. so far so good.

GBC: am also about to cycle and i think i will go for the 1st withdrawal. just to test the water.

Supersize My Profits: No issues with this one. All is well.

And now for the one that is suppose to be the biggets and most profitable of them all -Profitclicking. I have been clicking without seeing any profit so far in the last 3 months. I have never been successful in getting a bucket to drop in my cashout request. Those who have gotten a bucket are yet to be paid,some for as long as 100 days. I have a cashout request outstanding since 1st November 2012 and up till the time of writing it has remain just that-outstanding.
I am still keeping my fingers crossed and hoping against hope.

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