Monday, January 7, 2013

Cash Raptor

A new program came on board a couple of days ago. It’s called cashraptor and it’s in the mould
of amazing money magnet and explosive cash magnet. The admin is reputed to be somebody
knowledgeable in this line of business and able to run things professionally.

The following are the features of the program;

You have to fund your account and from their made your payments.

-Registration fee is $15 per annum

-Cycling time is 8 days

-cycling duration is 12 times per position

-It’s divided into 5 zones of 10 positions each, starting with zone 1 at $10 and ending with zone 5 at $160
per positions

-The value you get is in banner and text ads credits for your ads

-50% mandatory repurchase clause from your earnings

-2 Tier referrals earnings (20% and 10%) for both downline membership and position purchases.

-Payment processors: Egopay,STP,LR and PerfectMoney.

This is the beginning of the year and as such more programs are expected. I try the best I can to filter
out the pure scam and present you the ones that show promises of lasting the distance.

My best wishes, enjoy your day.

Quote of the day

Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.
Og Mandino


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