Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Introducing Sol-R.Org and other news

The above mentioned program launched a couple of days ago with the following plans
- 3 Plans to choose from - pays 2.2% 2.5% & 2.7% daily

- Minimum Deposit is $10 for 2.2%,$1500 for 2.5% and $10000 for 2.7%

- All 3 Plans carries a 90 day maturity period.

- Pays 7 Days a Week

- Only accepts STP and EgoPay

- Compounding is available

- Principal is returned on all 3 plans at end of term

- Instant Withdrawals enabled

- Minimum Withdrawal is $0.50 STP and $1.00 for EgoPay

- Referral Commission is 5% on your 1st level

- Deposits from launch date to 25th January attracts a bonus of 5%

This comes from someone I know who has a knack for picking winners. Do observe the

usual rules. Play it as a game and invest what you can afford to lose.

Also got a mail from Amazing Money Magnet, it's reproduced below. It's an explanation of why you probably had your cashout request delayed

"Important Update! Please Read

This is to inform all our members that due to STP policy of daily limit to receive and send funds we were unable to process withdrawals on January 21 and 22, 2013. Due to this reason we have put a limit on daily withdrawals and also cancelled all the withdrawal requests.

From today onward all the members will be able to withdraw $30.00 a day. Please be rest assured that this ceiling has been implemented on a temporary basis and we are working on it to resolve this issue. We request all the members to support us during this timeframe as we have already opened up one more account and waiting for the approval. The moment we receive an approval, all the limits to withdraw earnings will be lifted up.

We also want to remind our members that exchanges are not allowed in AMM so do not send us support ticket asking reason for the rejection of withdrawal. Support requests asking for the reason of rejection will not be entertained. Members can withdraw their earnings in the same payment processor they have added the funds most.
Please do not use same payment processor ID/email address for different AMM membership accounts to withdraw your earnings. We will suspend AMM membership accounts for 60 days if members don’t comply with the Terms and Conditions of AMM.

Warm Regards,
AMM Admin and Financial Team"

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