Monday, January 7, 2013

Grand Bank Club

Grand Bank Club is a program run Gord Boehler a Canadian who I have been privileged to be associated with in my online forays on ways to make money without much stress. He is the admin and someone I can trust. The program has been on since 2009. I didn’t show much interest at first when I came across it because I didn’t bother to study it in detail.
In Grand Bank Club you earn passively from two main plans:
The Easy 40 Plan($20 entry)
The Easy 40 Plan ($40 entry)
You cycle every 10 days per position and it expires in 11 cycles with the following earnings
$2.46 per cycle every 10 days ( 2.46x11 cycles=27.06)
$1 fast start bonus
$1 sponsor bonus
$4.50 per cycle every 10 days(4.50x11=49.50)
$20.50 Fast start bonus
$4.30 Loyalty bonus
$2 sponsor bonus
The main aim of the program is help members accumulate cash to enable them conveniently enter other passive income programs. In other words it helps you build up your capital
To cashout from $22 to $27 you need to purchase one $20 entry position
To cashout from $28 to $54 you need to purchase two $20 entry positions or one $40 entry position.
This is to help sustain the program for the long term. The payment processors in use are Payza and Solidtrustpay

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